Origin and Quality

Cannabis essential oils are an alternative used not only to treat but also to prevent diseases. Holy Essential Oil, like high-quality all essential oils, contains many terpenes beneficial to human health. It is made by steam distillation from selected flowers and leaves of strains such as Bialobrzeskie.

There are two kinds of cannabis essential oil on the market. One is made of flowers and has a stronger aroma and taste. Such oil is appreciated especially for its aroma. The second kind is produced from the entire plant. Such essential oil contains more remarkable natural compounds and is more suitable for aromatherapy and therapeutic recipes.

Up to one ton of cannabis is needed to obtain one liter of essential oil. This corresponds to approximately 10 liters of oil per hectare of hemp grown. This is one of the reasons why cannabis essential oil or hemp for its production is not exactly cheap.

For example, fresh plants from an Afghan variety contain 0.29% essential oil. Drying and storage reduced the content from 0.29% to 0.20% after 1 week and up to 0.13% after 3 months. In doing so, monoterpenes showed significantly greater loss than sesquiterpenes, but none of the major components disappeared completely in the drying process.